Fever and Pregnancy during first 8 week?

I'm 6-7 weeks pregnant now and was feeling warmer then usual and very dizzy, plus month tasted weird. Does it mean i had fever and now I don't feel as bad as before. Currently my body temperature is between 98.0 and 99.0 Degree F

I was feeling little warmer and didn't feel any Chills and shivering.

My appointment with OB/GYN is in few days. but wanted to your opinion. Please share your through on this, Thanks

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  • LizB
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    4 months ago
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    You can take Tylenol to relieve and aches or pains related to illness, though avoid ibuprofen, aspirin, and NyQuil (though your OB may say a dose of NyQuil is okay if you're really miserable). Otherwise, being sick while pregnant is usually not a danger, as long as your fever doesn't get too high and you're able to keep fluids down.

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