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How can I help my sister get over her fear ?

My sister is scared to death of air planes shes been scared of them since 9/11. She hasnt been on a plane since she was 4 when she went to Disney I wasnt born yet till a year later so I never been on a plane. Shes also always been scared of a plane crashing into our house. She's really terrified because she didnt learn until after she watched one of her favorite movies World Trade Center 5 years later that a plane was hijacked here over Ohio which is why she's terrified of one crashing into our house. Also her one of her heroes country singer John Denver died in a plane crash a lot of her favorite country singers have died in plane crashes. Like I said she hasnt been on a plane since she was 4 she also has bad asthma and heart condition it probably won't be a good idea it wasnt last time. How can I help her get over this fear ?

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    Dear, I think that rather than ask a bunch of strangers on the Internet to speculate about this your sis should seek medical advice from her doctor. He or she should be able to refer you to a qualified professional who can help you figure out what's going on and help you deal with it in an appropriate manner

    Good Luck!!

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    take her on a plane ride and show her how much fun it is

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