Should The Government get Rid of All cars and use motor scooters bikes Trains planes?

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    3 months ago
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    it wouldnt be a bad idea

  • 3 months ago

    Use bicycles, horses, bullock carts, walking and jogging for small distances to save fuel, reduce pollution and maintain health.

    Air routes and bus routes having poor response of passengers should be cancelled or discontinued. Air journey is worth for a distance of 800km or more but is expensive.

    In May 2016, I was in the British Airways flight from London to Mumbai had 70% of its seats empty and yet was operated over the huge distance between Mumbai and London-9 hours journey. They wasted lot of aviation fuel.

    For distances ranging from 30km to 800 km or more, railway trains and ships should be used to carry passengers, goods, even vehicles like cars, bikes, buses, trucks. Konkan railway on western coast of india gets lot of income by transporting trucks filled with goods from one state to other state on the coastline. Ship is cheaper way of transporting goods from one nation to other nation and between both sides of a creek. China uses shipping mode for transporting its finished products to other nations. Train is faster than road journey and also cheaper than road travel.

    In Netherlands, they use bicycles even the director of big Dutch company travel using a bicycle. Each member of their family has a bicycle. They use a 4-seater car only when all its 4 seats will be occupied.

    Roads should be pot-hole free and maintained and repaired periodically.

    Parking should not be allowed on narrow roads.

    Narrow roads should not allow more than 1-way traffic.

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