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My platoon name in AIT is the Spartans. Should I tell the Drill Sargents to go :;() themselves with this Spartans crap? Or should I just go?

The program and not be that guy? Spartans is an extremely offensive name to people with a cleft pallet like myself

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    No, go on, tell your drill sergeants that you're offended by the name Spartan, and they should go f*ck themselves. Im sure that will work out wonderfully.

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    You should shut up and follow orders.

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    Do you want to be in the military or not? If you don't then just go up to that drill sergeant and tell him ;;)) themselves and the relationship with him and your career in the military will just take a serious downturn from then on.

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    Blah, blah, blah.............

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    You are not even a recruit waiting to ship to basic. You will NEVER see AIT, where there aren't Drill Instructors.

    Your attitude wouldn't survive Basic Training, or YOU wouldn't.

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