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Marijuana medical card?

I’m 19 years old and suffer from severe ocd anxiety, and depression. I’ve been taking medication since I was 10 for my conditions and been prescribed different medications that never seem to work for me, my doctor has up my dosage, changed my medication, send me to therapy and nothing ever works it’s been getting worse this year. I wanted to know what are the procedures to obtain a medical marijuana card? If it’s even an option I can take.

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    depends on the state and country.

    check online to see if you qualify.

    A total of 33 states, District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands have approved a comprehensive, publicly available medical marijuana/cannabis programs.

  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    Marijuana isn't medicinally used for OCD or depression. (in fact it will make OCD symptoms worse and it tends to cause clinical depression). It also tends to worsen anxiety in the long run. (and actually causes anxiety in some people),

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    Talk to your doctor, he can get you a card if its right for you.

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    It matters where you live and little else.

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    I don't know about where you are but I had to go through my doctor to get mine. Go to your local dispensary if you have one and ask around there they will help steer you in the right direction anyway.

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