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how difficult would it be for a novice to figure out how to replace Valve cover gaskets on a 3.0 liter V6 Toyota engine?


it is a VZE engine

Update 2:

the service adviser at Toyota wanted around $ 400 to replace both.

and a local garage said $ 350 plus the part. so how much are the valve gaskets? and what if want to replace intake manifold gaskets too?

I am eager to learn how to do stuff like this , I know it requires 1. concentration and 2. patience and 3 . the right tool

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    You have to take the intake off to do this. So you need to change the intake gasket. Not an option really. There are quite a few things connected to the intake. When doing these valve covers there are spark plug hole gaskets that need to be changed also. In some cases end cover inserts need to changed and resealed. While the intake is off the plugs should be changed because the bank against the fire wall is so much easier then. Depending on the age of the engine the lower intake should be removed and the knock sensor wires and sensors should be replaced because one always fails and they are buried. Are you starting to see where the 400 dollars is adding up to here?

  • hart
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    11 months ago

    4. knowledge in physics !

  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    If you can find the leaks (use that dye stuff) you may be able to just snug down the screws, Carefully-! Or, just clean around the surfaces, put old gasket back if not actually torn.. My '86 Toy still has original VC gasket, no leaks, 152K. It is an alloy cover with thick rubber seal.

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    If the novice can read and understand youtubes, has a set of tools and a whole weekend free and a garage, they can do the job. You can't just eyeball it and get it right off the bat.

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    If you are keen to do your own maintenance get or borrow a Haynes or Chiltons work shop manual for your car. They will show you how to do it and the difficulty involved. I have used Haynes manuals for all of my and my families cars for over 40 years and have saved a fortune by doing their maintenance and repairs my self. As to the cost of parts, for routine servicing a good motor factor or store will often sell parts, filters and lubricants etc a lot cheaper than the cars manufactures agents will.

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    if its in a camry the front bank is easy the far the bank thats up against the firewall half the intake has to come off to get take may as well do the plugs while your there.

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    Watch a youtube video for rep;acing the VC gaskets on your motor an you decide if you're capable.

  • Erik
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    11 months ago

    Not that difficult. It's basically just unscrewing the top cover, taking out the old gasket, and putting in the new one. I've never done it, but I watched my mechanic do it. He charged me $40. You can look it up on YouTube.

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    The only thing you need to know is righty-tighty, lefty-loosey.

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    Really? I'd suggest a five year old child could work out how to replace a valve cover gasket.

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