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Why do increases in gender equality result in men and women further voluntarily segregating into different career choices from each other?

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  • Foofa
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    3 months ago

    There’s not a sociologist on Earth who would agree with your assertion. At a time when no one bats an eye at a male nurse or a female fighter pilot most job categories are far more integrated than you imagine.

    • Anonymous3 months agoReport

      The gender equality paradox is a well documented phenomenon.

  • liz
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    3 months ago

    Is that true? I’ve got a female friend who is an electrician and another who’s a police officer. Also I know a woman who works for the government and won’t tell us what she does. Women haven’t generally done those jobs. Maybe there’s some scientific studies on this. I’ll check back later.

    Adds- well, no evidence of the further voluntary segregation showing up yet.

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