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My elderly mom's doc told us she has a mild narrowing of her heart valve, but it probably will never be a problem, should I tell her?

Her doc told the both of us but she didn't hear him. I don't want to upset her because she is in pretty good health for her age and I don't want her worrying for nothing.

Additionally, I find sometimes that image testing can be inaccurate. I was told an eye exam showed wrinkling in my eye tissue that could be a problem down the road, but the next imaging test a year later showed nothing.

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    Aortic valve stenosis (narrowing) is often a common age related defect as a result of calcification or simply because they were born with a bicuspid valve (two leaf valve) rather than tricuspid valve (three valve leafs).

    Quite often nothing needs to be done but if the stenosis becomes severe in the future then heat valve surgery to replace the valve might occur. There's mild, moderate and then severe stenosis graded with imaging. Mild to moderate forms are usually not a problem.

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    too bad he didn't tell her about EDTA therapy the docs used to help foks with, now they make more money by selling blood thinners, instead of opening up the veins from the insides....I know it works, I had it done, I experienced both IV therapy and capsules, they both work, and no side effects either......yup, tel your mom, but maybe she just pretended not to hear him.....

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