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Pain in the stomach?

When I used to go to school which was a few years ago I used to always hold my bladder because I hated going to the toilet as school toilets are not nice but since then I’ve always had this pain around my abdomen and I get this uncomfortable pain and it only feels better when I lay on it or place a pillow there so it kinda stops but it’s still uncomfortable.

I have been to the doctors about this but they say it’s acid reflux, IBF , water infection or I’m not pooing enough

I’ve had this pain I think since around 13/14 but it’s now I’m noticing it more because when I go to the bathroom at home it feels better when I go a wee but then the pain comes back after a few minutes. Anyone help?

I’ve had a hernia few years ago could it be that as the pain is all around my abdomen and lower.

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