In the diagram q1 is 4.44*10^-6 C and q2 is 7.28*10^-6 C The net force on q1 is 31.3 N to the left. What is q3?

Q1 TO Q2 = 0.100 m

Q2 TO Q3 = 0.100 m

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    electric force F = vector Σ kQq / d²

    q2 "pushes" q1 to the left. Let's assume that q3 also pushes q1 to the left. (If the assumption is wrong, we'll get a negative answer.) Let's take "left" as positive. Then

    31.3 N = 8.99e9N·m²/C² * 7.28e-6C * [4.44e-6C/(0.100m)² + q3/(0.200m)²]

    which solves to

    q3 = 1.37e-6 C

    using wolframalpha (below)

    Hope this helps!

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