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Can I have your opinion about this poem?

What seems to be the attitude of the persona in this poem?

Is the female gender favored in this poem?

What is the purpose of the many introductory images used before the persona come to the main thought?

What is the Nature’s Gifts to women and men?

Nature’s Gifts by Anacreon

To all that breathe the air of heaven

Some boon of the strength has Nature given.

In forming with majestic bull,

She fenced with wreathed horns his skull;

A hoof of strength she lent the steed

And wing'd the timorous hare with speed,

She gave the lion fangs of terror,

and o'er the ocean's crystal mirror

Taught the unnumbered scaly throng

To trace their liquid path along;

While for the umbrage of the grove,

She plum'd the warbling world of love.

To man she gave, in that proud hour,

The boon of intellectual power.

Then what, O woman, what for thee,

Was left in Nature's treasury?

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  • Ludwig
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    10 months ago

    That is as bad a poem as I have seen in a long time.


    I see. It was originally written in Ionic Greek. It is the translation that is appalling.

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