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Why do we crave junk food while dieting?

I like to eat healthy but I crave junk food alot sometimes I'm okay and other times im not. I feel myself getting hungrier the more weight I lose. Is this normal?

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    It's either a salt or sugar craving.And addiction.Most processed foods have way too much of these two items.Well known for creating diabetes the other cancer.Be strong, it will pass the cravings and hunger as your body adjust.Keep eating healthy foods and fresh water.It's a total lifestyle shot for the better.Give yourself a chance to feel more alive.

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    Its the temptation of it of course

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    its like that hook up we've all had , the one that is hot and the sex was fierce and intense but that person treated was like crap and was never good for us to start off with . we know we don't need it but we crave it , best is to have the thought of it and let that be all just a thought and move along , remember why you let that hook up and apply that to your diet a in remember why you're on the diet and it will get easier and better

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    It's more mental. You crave something because you know you can't have it. I crave stuff that I don't even eat.

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    There are both psychological and physiological reasons for cravings. Somewhere back in our evolution cravings actually had some survival value. But today cravings because of some kind of deficiency is very rare. The most common cause of cravings are psychological. I think there are three common types of psychological cravings. For instance, if your mom made roast beef and you are reminded of her you might want some roast beef. The so-called "comfort foods" are probably all this kind of craving.

    There are real physical cravings as well. For instance, caffeine is addictive. and it's not unusual for people to want a cup of coffee in the morning. Fat and sugar have addictive properties as well. And so does dairy products. In one recent study scientists studied the brains responses to lattes. the coffee, sugar, and milk combine and stimulate the brain in the same way as cocaine.

    The addictive properties of dairy may help explain why people seek things like ice cream and cheese.

    Recently scientists have been studying the role of gut bacteria. There are thousands of different species living in our gut. They have different roles and have been evolving with us for millions of years. Scientists have discovered that some of these bacteria can create neurotransmitters and trick our brains to want the food that the bacteria prefer.

    Other studies have shown that by avoiding fat and sugary foods we can change the makeup of these gut bacteria. And it doesn't even have to take that long. So fight the cravings for fat and sugar and they will go away.

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