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Bags under my eyes for a month and they won't go away!?

So over a month ago I was feeling fine,looked good & felt healthy.A week later I got a toothache & I just ignored it because I can't afford to go to the dentist. Then it turned into an infection & my glands started swelling up & throat was sore. I ignored it, hoping it would just go away.(I am terrified of hospitals)Then 2 weeks after that I got very weak in my arms & legs, my arms would go numb to the point I woke up paralyzed in my arm for a min. It scared the crap out of me.Then I got bags under my eyes & my one cheek started swelling up. I went to the hospital. The doc said that it was either my tooth or strep throat. It was a bacterial infection.They prescribed me penicillin & pain killers(First time taking prescription drugs)

Now its been 2 weeks & the pain/weakness went away& I just finished my penicillin today. I noticed the the bags under my eyes hasn't went away yet&my skin is looking older as If I aged within 2 weeks.(I am 26)

Is this because the penicillin weakened my immune system? Will my bags go away&will my skin go back to normal? Is this normal after taking penicillin for 2 weeks for the first time? If so, how long?

Or do you think it could be another health problem? I am freaking out here..I looked it up on google & it all says they are a sign of aging, but there's no way I can age THAT much within a month &I can't find anything on side effects(non allergic ones) Can someone help me? Don't say go to the doctor, because I am not doing that until next week.


What I mean by my skin looks like it aged a bit, I mean I can see my veins in my hands, feet, arms & legs more than usual, & the skin under my eyes, cheeks and neck are sagging a bit. My arms look like they are getting older, like I can see my pores or whatever more and the skin wrinkles a bit when it a certain way. They aren't rashes or hives& aren't swollen, so I know its not an allergic reaction. I feel fine otherwise.

Just wondering if this is normal or not? Will it go back to normal?

Update 2:

** when I move it a certain way

I just need some peace of mind for this week. I have an appointment with the doctor next week. If it doesn't improve by then I will obv ask the doc. SO if anyone has any advice, experience or suggestions that would be greatly appreciated.

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