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What's wrong with my G35?

So my friend sold me his G35 Coupe, and I never rode it in the rain, so it's been pouring out and as I'm driving, my car starts sputtering and lagging like its gonna die, and its rear wheel drive but as I drive it long enough the SLIP light turns on and my traction control turns on, and I know that I'd be sliding around and stuff which I've driven it when it was lightly raining out but I dont understand what's going on, why is it sputtering? And acting like its gonna die?

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    First thing to do is replace the spark plugs and check the coil boots for small white arcing spots. NGK or Denso Iridium spark plugs only should be used. The coil boots can be purchased with out the coils.

    Source(s): Mitsubishi Master Tech / Infiniti Tech
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