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will the US fight a war with China over Hong Kong?

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    The US will not fight a war with China.

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    No. The USA will not fight a war with China over Taiwan either. Face it, the USA is on a decline and China is on the way up. China is acting a lot like the USA did in the late 1800s and early 1900s. It is on the rise and knows it. The USA on the other hand has gone from a nation of production to one of services where we do nails, haircuts, clean houses, mow lawns, etc that does not produce anything. The USA just will not admit it is about to join Spain, France and Great Britain as a former #1 and is in the twilight of its power.

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    Why? Hong Kong was British. Macao is Portugese. It is Taiwan that has U.S. treaties.

    • Terry
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      After a 99 year lease, HK was returned to China.

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    Not under the September 2019 Trump administration. Trump fired his hyper-active National Security Advisor and has demoted war and aggression to the back burner.

  • RICK
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    3 months ago


    Over Taiwan maybe, Hong Kong no way, the US has never had any involvement in Hong Kong

  • 3 months ago

    No it will be done by Proxy using Taiwan or intentionally crashing the Chinese Economy which would be easy.

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