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Is Khabib really that good?

A lot of people say Khabib is a really good grappler, but if an olympic wrestling gold medalist like Jordan Burroughs did MMA and learned to strike, wouldnt Khabib be screwed? Khabib is only good because his opponents suck at wrestling, am I wrong?

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    Yes, he's that good. Sambo teaches striking and throws and ground techniques. Burrough would get good at striking really quickly because he knows how to train amd how to move already. That being said, khabib would win because there's a learning curve in striking. It takes a long time to be proficient in striking. A long time. It took a genius at boxing like 3 years to be good. That genius was Mike Tyson.

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    I think you might be especially because of his most recent fight with Poirier. In it several times Khabib has Poirier's back with Poirier seated. Each time Poirier was able to work a switch which is a common escape and reversal in wrestling. Each time Poirier was successful Khabib rolled right back into having Poirier's back before he could complete the reversal and once again had Poirier's back. I suspect that Khabib's wrestling skill is more or better than what he has shown in his previous fights and better than what many suspect and actually one of his strengths which is why is able to hold people down on the mat and dominate them there.

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    It's true Khabib hasn't faced many high level wrestlers. Most of the fighters he has beaten were primarily BJJ with wrestling in the grappling department. But he has beaten a few college wrestlers, and that does mean something. That being said: Khabib is an International Master of Sport in Judo, and two-time world champ in Combat Sambo. That means his grappling is quite comparable to an Olympic-level wrestler. He also has the advantage of knowing submissions. Even if someone like Burroughs learned how to strike there's no proof he would be any good at integrating everything into MMA. There are people good at separate facets of MMA (whether it's one or more styles/ranges), and there are people that know integrate striking with grappling. The two aren't the same thing. Khabib has shown some holes in his striking, but his grappling is some of the best in the LW history. Tony and Justin Gaethje are really the only fighters that present problems for him.

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