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Any tips on how to properly use a shampoo bar?

I recently (about a week now) started using shampoo bars instead of normal shampoo. My main reasoning is because I have a psoriasis which means it’s super sensitive and prone to flaking. Also it is all natural and environment friendly. So far I’ve washed my hair about 3 times with it, and I just can’t get over the fact that once my hair is washed and dry, it is extremely waxy/sticky/greasy feeling. I have read that this is an issue for a lot of people when they first start using a shampoo bar because your hair is used to all the chemicals in commercial shampoos so it can take getting used to. I’m just really frustrated because my scalp comes out perfectly soft but from the nap of my neck all the way down to my ends it’s extremely sticky feeling. Does anyone have advice/experience on the matter? I really want it to work for me especially since it’s been really helping my psoriasis. Also 2 things to point out: 1)I have relatively long hair and 2)I use the shampoo bar directly on my head which is one of two ways of using it. The other way is to make a lather in your hands and and put the lather on your head. I have tried it incense like that but I get the same results.

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  • The best thing you can do is try to keep rinsing with your head tilted making the rinse water travel away from the area of buildup.

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