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When the Democrats retake the White House, should we align ourselves with the progressive Iranians and declare war against Israel and Saudi?

I support the governments of Iran, Turkey and Qatar, which stand up for progressive values.

I oppose the Zionist governments of Israel, Egypt, UAE, Yemen, Jordan and Saudi Arabia - which stand up for regressive values.

Israel needs to be destroyed.

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    Rachel, no

    just get whats his name out of office and Israel will be fine

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  • 4 months ago

    No war, but we should end our alliance with Saudi Arabia and Israel. They cause more trouble than they're worth and should be cut loose.

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  • Manny
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    4 months ago

    I believe you are a Trump supporter, but that's irrelevant.

    We should conduct business in the Middle East as usual. Like not tearing up agreements with Iran that they're abiding by to the T, and punish Israel like any other country for evicting Palestinians and sending colonists there to repopulate.

    Also, we shouldn't give Saudi Arabia the ability to study nuclear power until they show the world they can handle it, like Iran. Nor sanction Qatar based solely on Saudi Arabia's word that they support ISIS.

    Source(s): It's not about who they are, but rather what they do, how we should dictate policy.
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