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How do I solve this force problem. Im so bad at this...?

An overhead view of the handlebars on an all-terrain vehicle is shown. If the indicated forces have a magnitude of F = 20 lb, determine the moment created by the two forces about the vertical steering axis through point O. Both n-axes are perpendicular to the left handlebar. Treat the problem as two-dimensional. The moment is positive if counterclockwise, negative if clockwise. Yahoo answers

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    I am inclined to agree with @Jim, since many users go anonymous in order to continually duck their obligations to award a best answer when they get a best answer.

    Anyways, the torque is clearly negative (clockwise). Its magnitude is

    τ = F * 35in * cos(20º+11º)

    Your question says F = 20 lb, but the image says F = 26 lb. Plug in the correct value and calculate. Remember the answer has a negative sign.

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    If only you weren't Anonymous I would be glad to help

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