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Anyone else out there quit hard drugs alone and cold turkey?

I used meth everyday for over a year. This was after being introduced to it about 6 months prior to beginning regular (daily, multiple times a day) use (so, about over a year and a half total using meth). I also used heroin a few times a week for about 3 months near the end of my drug use. I would mix it with the meth, and inject them together. By myself, without any programs, I have become abstinent. I moved far away from the source and started meditating, doing volunteer work and studying. Every time I open up about this story, people doubt me. I have evolved to simply not telling anyone about my past. Is there anyone else out there that has a similar story about quitting hard drugs cold turkey?

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    Congratulations but this can be dangerous.

    People to talk with - a doctor. SMARTRecovery, org.

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