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Is that made by technology or is it supernatural?

Synchronized exit/entry to housing or work, synchronizing movements/activity to the TI in an effort to irritate them

street theater harassment techniques (staged incidents calculated to upset and traumatize the Targeted Individual, a.k.a. TI,)

vehicular mobbing - using a group of similarly colored vehicles to follow the target in public.

Managed Aggression - Strangers subjecting the target to repeated “accidental” physical assaults, such as bumping into and/or kicking the feet of the target from behind, sometimes as many as 20-50 times per day

Things moving or falling without any reason.

Impression that they are reading your thoughs.

Burn of your skin

Vibration of the points of your body, heart,

ear, sexual parts etc.

How to explain it one?

How to fight it spiritually?

They call gang stalking, mind control etc.

TI- Target Individuals.

I don't know why is it called empowered individuals.

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    Were you at a Climate Extinction event ?

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