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Why are you called a sexist if you criticize a womans character or looks?

If a woman is extremely stupid and I tell her she's stupid, sure that's rude, but its definitely NOT sexist. Yet I get called a sexist. If I tell a woman she is unattractive, I'm called a sexist. Sure I'm an asshole and a jerk, but definitely not sexist.

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    Stop criticizing people that clearly don't know how to respond to other humans. Focus on the people you have good things to say to.

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  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    It depends on context--it might be. If you call a woman stupid who's smarter than you because you're stupid and you're trying to belittle her, that's sexist. If you insult her looks when she's making a point about logic, not when she's asking you on a date, that's sexist.

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    • Anonymous4 months agoReport

      You can argue that sexist men are more likely to make such illogical claims, but it’s impossible to prove that men who make those illogical claims are being sexist.

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  • 4 months ago

    That's kind of like how you're a racist for arguing with someone of a different race. It deflects from the situation at hand and implies a simpleton motive, as a way to declare a dismissal of you because their argument has no intelligence or point and would rather smear you instead of just accepting it. You're sexist because the person who called you it, is obsessed over gender, therefore any altercation must be about it. And if you're not bootlicking, you're oppressing! Even every perfectly legitimate point you have, s nothing more than sexism. Its sad ain't it..? To be declared sexist because you disagree.

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  • 4 months ago

    Stop talking to stupid, ugly, women. Leave them alone.

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