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My cousin gets a ***** every time we go swimming?

Every time i go swimming with my cousin he gets a ***** im 14 and he s 16 he doesn t get full on hard but it s a noticeable tiny bulge and i don t think he ever realises he gets it. It doesn t matter where we swim whether it s a pool or a random body of water he gets a little hard. What can i do cause it s really awkward

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  • 10 months ago

    Maybe you should consider that it may make you jealous that he’s a little bigger than you and shows a little more. You should realize that that is OKAY, because you are two years younger. But, if not some people just get semi-erect in front of other people or maybe the site of other people in less clothes causes him to be like that. I can personally relate. What you should do is not pay any attention to it. Try to not let it be a big deal and go on with your swimming. Good luck!

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  • Pearl
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    10 months ago

    maybe you shouldnt go swimming with him if its going to be so awkward

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