I asked mr Leslie if I could use his power type laptop to write an award winning sitcom today?

Update: I concluded yesterday that he has jealousy issues!!! Doesn’t want people within his care to be richer and successful and famous than him!!!
Update 2: Guess what!!! He didn’t like that idea and really it’s been abandoned I said that’s cool!!! You have jealousy issues about award winners!!! And that was that!!!
Update 3: He kind of had a clammy humoured look about his face!!! And that was that!!!
Update 4: Did you hear that on my eye camera detectives!!!
Update 5: He knew me like that as a kid though too!!! I was educated and ready to fight hard for money!!!
Update 6: So he shoves me little baby Rosie’s what would of been her earnings in ng Haigh Barclays savers card for porno star work at television x!!! He may of been told to just give it to any of the other kids then they can’t b3 bothered to hold it any longer!!!
Update 7: Bear grylls now reckoned daughter now newly named baby Rosie!!!
Update 8: Recloned not reckoned!!! Typing error!!!
Update 9: Stubborn autotype!!!
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