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In synastry do the signs also make a difference in the aspect being compared to?

So I know in synastry the angles or range of the degree between planets are analyzed to make a determination. But does the sign and element make a difference? For example my mars in Cancer is squared to another guys venus in Libra by 0-1 degrees. Now would it be a different story if his Venus was in Aries and it still made a square just in a different sign? Since both our mars and Venus are in cardinal signs does that make a difference too or would it be the same results if they were both fixed or mutable signs say instead of mars in Cancer I was mars in Pisces and he was venus in Gemini?

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    The Signs do not make a difference. They do add a little bit more insight.. for instance as to WHY the square creates conflict.

    You have Mars in Cancer. Depending on what actual degree of Cancer your Mars is in, your Mars COULD be squafre to a plant in Virgo or Scorpio or Pisces or Taurus.

    A person who has Venus in Libra needs different things from their relationships than someone who has Venus in Aries. Offers different things to a relationship than someone who has Venus in Aries.

    But regardless of whatever Sign their Venus is in, it if is in square aspect with your Mars, you two will be emotionally and sexually incompatible.

    And that will ALWAYS be the answer,

    A square aspect is NOT determined by the Signs the two planets are in, but rather the actual distance, as measure by degrees.

    The distance for a square aspect is 90 degrees plus/minus an orb of 9 degrees.

    So if you had a planet at 0 degrees of Cancer, any planets between 22 Virgo and 8 Libra would be square your planet. But NOT if it was at 10 Libra, because that would be too far out of the influence of a "square" interaction.

    Also ... for 0 degrees of Cancer, any planet between 22 Pisces and 8 Aries would be square your planet.

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  • 10 months ago

    Of course, in synastry although the main thing is the aspect and the planets involved, the sign and house positions also matter.

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