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Question about an i-pad?

My kids gave me an i-pad for my birthday. I work in an government bldg. and plan to bring my device with me to work to use during my breaks. I have disabled the wi-fi and am wondering if it can still be watched from an IT dept. or computer room if I am just watching downloaded material, but with no wi-fi? I've been cyberstalked before and had all my personal e-mail taken by a crazy lady before and am trying to protect myself and avoid my privacy being invaded.


I forgot to mention that my info was obtained through screen shots of my e-mail taken while on break using their wi-fi at another job. I learned my lesson about not using a company wi-fi during my breaks. Just thought someone out there might need to hear this.

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    Without your iPad being connected to any company network or device, there's no way for anyone there to track it or monitor what you do with it.

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    unless you connect to a network, that network cannot watch you.

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    No, they can't snoop on it if it's not communicating. Don't tell it the office Wi-Fi password, and make it ask to join strange networks. Otherwise you'll get lazy and forget to turn it off.

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    i would hope not, not if youre on your break

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