Liverpool 3 - 1 Newcastle United - great result, was to be expected though tbh - fellow reds, post match analysis and your thoughts ?

1st in the league.

come and try and move us off the summit of the premier league table @ epl.


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  • 4 months ago
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    Probably should of been more ruthless. Not to humiliate but focus on racking up the goal difference with teams like Newcastle. Today proved yet again that we rely heavily on Firmino and that's Not a good thing. We was dead stiff and boring, Origi going off was a blessing in disguise.

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    • so its like saying you will score only 37 goals next season and concede just 13.

      distribute these goals over 38 games so that you have won every game in the league ( is that even possible ? )

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  • August
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    4 months ago

    You must have been sweating like a fat pig when Newcastle took the lead and no Mr AA, I'am not after your worthless best answer!

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  • Great wim Livepool, but Chelsea will whoop you only next week.

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