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Are there any TV shows or movies of east asian-americans besides Fresh off the Boat?

I heard that a east asian-american is going to be one of the new SNL cast. Also, John Cho said he was frustrated with his career, although I think he is aging. Where are east asian-americans besides FOTB?


@Robin, Chinese-American, Korean-American, Japanese-American etc. I guess you failed geography, I am so so sorry to hear that young padawan.

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    Off the top of my head, fresh off the boat is the only currently airing American TV show with a majority Asian-American cast. There are, however, a number of people of East Asian descent as part of Ensemble casts that are not predominantly Asian. The star of the recently-concluded show into the Badlands was Asian. One of the main characters on the Hulu show light as a feather is Asian. These are just ones that I can think of off the top of my head.

    In terms of movies, predominantly Asian-American casts are very rare. Of course, there is a large movie industry in China, and Japan common sometimes those movies get imported into United States. Mostly, the ones that get imported here are martial arts films, or similar action movies. In terms of American produce films examples are rare. There was the recent film crazy Rich Asians, which had and entirely Asian cast. There was the teen drama better luck tomorrow which had an entirely Asian cast.

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    There have been many articles about the western entertainment industry discriminating against Asian entertainers.

    I'm American and I absolutely hate western entertainment. I very, very rarely watch shows that are spoken in English.

    East Asia has the best tv shows.

    I grew up watching American tv shows. I'm not particularly fond of American programming. American society has slipped downhill and seems very low class compared to others.

  • Yeah, you know the biggest sign that you're pushing a tempest in a teapot.

    You think John Cho is somehow mistakenly overlooked.

    This is like holding up Cheech Marin as the "the" example of Latino actors who should have been given leading man rolls.

    Hollywood isn't a charity. It is pure capitalism.

    If you make money you make movies.

    Jet Li? Makes money so he makes movies.

    Jackie Chan? Makes money so he makes movies.

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    OMG what the **** is an East Asian America. I have heard it all now

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