Diabetics on insulin can't lose weight? I know i've heard that from so many diabetics on insulin.?

want to here from diabetics who can't lose weight. exercising watching what you eat etc

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  • 5 months ago

    Maybe you hear that from so many diabetics on insulin because they use insulin as a crutch so they can continue their unhealthy eating habits. As long as they have insulin to bring their blood sugar down there is no need to control their eating habits - the insulin does that for them.

    Consequently, the weight goes up (diet soft drinks plays a major role in this), requiring the need for insulin.

    As for the diet beverages, one f the lamest things I've ever seen is an obese person stuffing his piehole, guzzling diet soft drinks to wash it down. Here's the story of diet beverages:

    The brain is wired to recognize the sweet taste of sugar and associate it with incoming calories. It then prepares itself to process the calories. When you drink a sugar-free sweetened beverage the brain picks up on the sweet taste and readies itself to process the calories that it thinks will follow. When no calories arrive, the brain then activates the hunger response to get the "promised" calories from food.

    This is why overweight people can drink diet beverage after diet beverage and still not lose weight.

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