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From your religious, agnostic, atheist point of view, what is(are) the biggest problems with Christianity and Jesus?

Im looking for pretty much anything you find wrong, even from a Christian perspective, and don't tell me Christians cant be self critical, tell me what you think

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    Christianity doesn't address the economic crisis.

    Christianity is the religion of internationalism and creating refugees.

    This is why people are turning to more local solutions and other blood religions.

    Islam addresses economics more than Christianity does.

    All people should realize that the current direction is not in anyone's interest.

    Christianity is known for its tactic of "internationalism".

    It supports flooding countries with immigrants.

    It is the "international immigrant religion".

    Internationalism is opposed in Europe (Greece and Iceland) because they would like to remain homogenous and continue "blood religions".

    There is a rift between Eastern Orthodox Christianity and Modern Western Christianity.

    Modern Western Christianity is pagan and Rome has moved to Moscow.

    Russia got the spirituality and monasteries and Judeo-Christianity got "unevenly yoked" with fairy tales and lust for war and power.

    Russia is no longer in an "atheistic state".

    The situation seems reversed because while Russia is now Christian, the West is now godless.

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    I' am not an atheist, but i know that Christianity is a false brainwash story called Babylon in the book of Revelation.

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    The biggest problem is the attempt to impose their religious beliefs on everyone by infiltrating those beliefs into the laws of the land.

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    The hate, the racism, the homophobia, and the narcissism, mostly.

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  • For me it's just that the Bible has no possible interpretation that accounts for all the facts. Every single denomination has contractions and problems that every other denomination but themselves can see.

    That, and the fact the people blindly follow a piece of literature in general. But that's most organized religion for me. Writing is a man-made means of communication, it's silly to me to think a god, not only expects, but demands humans to believe in him and his stories based on flimsy shotty and often contradictory writings, written by men who weren't there, never knew Jesus, and never saw a single thing they wrote about.

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    The people who created, and those who still follow that vile book, they call a bible.

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    Each of all christian religions believe they have the truth. How many christian religions exist? Which one is the true one? So are all the true one, why do they fight each other? so that means are all false. That is the biggest problem, they don't accept the truth that they are wrong. Business is good.

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    A rabbi breaks Roman law because 'rib-woman' was tricked into eating a fruit by a talking serpent in Mesopotamia.

    The Ancient Greeks liked writing weird stories.

  • My biggest problem is this. Why would a god who is capable of doing literally anything we unable to forgive humans for being as he designed us?

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    The biggest problem with christianity that it is based on false premise that god and jesus exist

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