two different questions which is a better speakers and which is a louder speakers between samsung q90r and klipsch rp 6000f?

They will be about the same price, but I'm wondering which one will offer clearer and better audio for the first question.

and for the second question, which one would be louder?


i am, by the way, referring to the q90r sound bar, not the tv.

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  • 10 months ago

    built in speakers for haseverything home systems as a rule are substandard, no good,

    klipsch are great speakers,primo uno devices

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  • 10 months ago

    You are comparing apples to cheese whiz. Which is better, a Drink blender or a Subaru coupe? Get Ye to an audio site and bone up on this stuff. Klips makes superior speaker products compared to Samsung generally for audio, including their sound bars.Audio is all they do. Samsung makes fair dishwashers and flatscreen TVs, and fair audio appliances. The fact you are comparing a soundbar to a set of speakers makes it even worse. No soundbar can or ever will, provide the separation and sense of distance and depth of a set of properly positioned speakers. I have been making audio speakers and repairing hardware for about 25 years. You? If you don't want peoples opinions, don't ask for them. Try entering an actual salon or shop and listening to the products yourself. With the soundbar you will be stuck with whatever amp circuit they shoved inside it. with actual speakers you can upgrade or at least decide what amp you want to use, and adjust the tone. Either way, it will sound better than the puny speakers mounted inside the skinny flatscreen TV.

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    • LIZZIE JO10 months agoReport

      I have several jobs. a family. a full life and I'm very busy. I don't have much time to myself to go window shopping for speakers. I look at specifications and try to make an educated decision based on that. iI wanted to hear the voices of other people, so thank you, but you could be more friendly.

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  • 10 months ago

    This is not really a fair comparison. The Samsung is a powered "surround" type speaker system with the amplifiers built in. It needs no receiver or amp. The Klipsch is a pair of passive speakers that will need some type of amp (that means additional cost). You will save money with the Samsung setup. It is hard to say which one would be louder but I am sure the Samsung system is well designed to be able to handle loud music or movies. You cannot go wrong with either but keep in mind you will need an amp or receiver with the Klipsch speakers.

  • 10 months ago

    There is no comparison between Samsung and Klipsch. Klipsch makes only speakers. Samsung makes all manner of cheap electronics.

    Short answer: If you can get Klipsch for the same price as Samsung, get the Klipsch.

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  • 10 months ago

    Comparing a TV directly to a pair of speakers is utterly impossible.

    Well, had you SAID "sound bar", I would have known.

    In that case, driven by a suitable amplifier (75 to 150 watts RMS per channel),

    the Klipsch speakers would blow the soundbar away in both volume and quality.

    That's the way I would go.

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