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Why do people feel the need to tell wrestling fans that wrestling is fake?

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    To stroke their ego by thinking they're mentally superior because they think they're in on the secret. Never mind the fact that kayabe's been dead since the early 1900's. They also seek to trivialize it because they don't understand it's appeal, so instead of feeling dumb for not get it they seek to make those who love it feel stupid for enjoying it.

    It's the same with differing tastes in music. "That's just a bunch of noise!". I mean, yeah dude. It's music.

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    It’s more real than Game of Thrones

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    They want to let wrestling fans know that wrestling is fake, even though wrestling fans already know it's scripted. to be honest, i dont care if people call it fake. i'll still watch wrestling even if they call it fake.

  • 2 months ago

    Pro Wrestling is as real as the Trump Presidency.

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  • 2 months ago

    it is scripted, choreographed it is not "real" per say

  • It points to a sense of insecurity on their part. It makes them feel better when they can think in their minds that they can look down on others. Amazingly enough what they fail to understand is that Laws of Physics Still Apply to Choreographed, Scripted, Athletic Entertainment. So it's hard for those people to understand that Wrestlers do strain, sprain, tear ligaments, break bones, etc.

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  • Anonymous
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    Why do wrestling fans mind being told? They know it anyway.

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