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Good enough lighting for janitorial instructional videos?

I've been a regional manager for a janitorial company for about 5 years now. I was in charge of about 50 team members, about $1.5 million in sales. Before that, I was a district manager, in charge of about 15 team members. about $500k in annual sales. The company is around 130 team members, about $4 million in sales.

They just made me a partner. My new title is Executive VP of Human Resources. My thing has always been training and employee motivation/retention.

I feel every employee needs a crystal clear understanding of their job.

We have decided video training is important. We are going to start with an in house produced product I will be in charge of. I have a $1,500 budget for equipment.

I think this camera will be enough:

Off camera light:

On camera light:



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    Two things -

    1/ Are you just asking about the light, or are you asking about the suitability of the whole setup?

    2/ What does a "janitorial instructional video" contain - what do you need to video?

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