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Your thoughts/comments on a short poem.?

A mixed day

His world of dreams has just been awakened

but there's no one there to meet him.

He's alone in his own reality

if he cried no one would hear him.

If he shouts it falls on deaf ears

if he's aggressive there's no sunshine

on that day.

With thoughts finally awake he tries to get on

with daily reality.


Not good eh?

1 Answer

  • Thomas
    Lv 7
    9 months ago


    This should be in the Poetry Section bro.

    It's a decent poem you old bloke. Not bad.

    You have a navel-gazing lad suddenly awakened

    by the facts of real life, preceded by dreams that

    are somewhat troubling.

    I love dreams, but this one is one I'd be glad to

    be awakened from as well. Congrats



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