Why are there still challenges by open-border Democrats to President Trump's Asylum policy. Supreme court has already approved his policy?

Most Americans know Democracts want to invite every indigent alien and feed and shelter them using taxpayer dollars. In fact it is no longer even a debate that Democracts believe having a border is cruel. But Supreme court has sensibily crushed this insane policy of Democracts. What is the basis they are still moving through courts?

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    I think it is just a stalling tactic. Even though lower court rulings can be overturned they still serve to causes delays. The Democrats are desperate to keep President Trump from having any successes in his first term. Fortunately, up until now, he and his administration have been relatively successful in sidestepping their efforts. I think that the American public should be asking themselves what the country would look like if both parties participated in improving the country at this point. Unfortunately, so many people have been lied to and blinded to the truth about what has been happening by the media. The watchdogs of our nation that we once could depend on to tell us the truth and expose those that were harming this great nation are in fact the enemy of the people as President Trump once so rightly described them!

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