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Best airline for travel?

My family and I are traveling from Newark, NJ (EWR) to Zurich, Switzerland (ZRH) in the 2020 summer. I was wondering what airline is the best for premium economy. Thanks!


Thanks for the answers!

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    Only SWISS and United fly non-stop between Newark and Zurich.

    If you fly in United's Economy Plus all you get is extra legroom.

    SWISS does not currently have a premium economy:

    You will have a lot more options if you can change planes on the way or depart from JFK.

    For example, premium economy on Delta (the airline I prefer) gets you a nicer seat plus better food and priority boarding:

    Delta's Economy Comfort is the same seat as in regular economy but you get more leg room and priority boarding.

    If you decide to take flights that require you to change planes then change in the USA. For example, if you use Delta then fly to Atlanta and take their non-stop from Atlanta to Zurich.

    If you decide to change planes in Europe then try Lufthnsa Airlines from Newark to Frankfurt.. You get a better seat and can check a second bag at no extra cost in their premium economy class:

    When you are deciding on flights ensure you know which airline is operating the flights. For example, Lufthansa, SWISS, and United are Star Alliance partners with "code share" fights. If Untied is operating a flight then it will be a United aircraft without a true premium economy.

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    It depends on what you care about. For some people, it might be whoever has a non-stop.

    Also, is there are reason why you have to fly out of EWR and can't fly out of JFK or PHL, or even LGA if you are willing to connect somewhere in the US (and deal with LGA's construction)?

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    Best in what way? Have you looked up the airfares? In general, the European airlines are less profit driven than US based airlines. They offer better food and more of it. I've enjoyed flying on Lufthansa and I had two nice flights on Air Austria last year. BUT the problem is that they have agreements with US based airlines, and you don't always know who is going to be operating the flight. If you book with Air France, you're likely to be on a flight run by Delta, with crappy food.

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      You know what airline is operating the flight if you pay attention to the words "Operated by..." when you book the ticket.

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