Why do i get teary-eyed when i hit high notes?


It's not even when i'm singing an emotional song it always happens whenever i hit a higher note how do i prevent this? (i don't cry my eyes just fill up with water)

Update 2:

i think it's when i belt notes like b4

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  • 2 months ago
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    Singers do sometimes have strains that come out when they hit notes in certain parts of their range, particularly tough notes. B4 is pretty high and tough for most singers, so you are probably working more muscles than you need to physically sing the note. I know one singer with a similar problem who had pains around her temples when she sang high notes. It was because her eyebrows would raise every time when she sang high, tough notes. She used those face muscles so much it hurt hurt temples over time. Another singer I know gets headaches sometimes because he unintentionally cuts off blood flow to his brain by straining his larger neck muscles when his sings high notes too often. Again, it's probably some unnoticed tension that's causing it. When these singers I mentioned eliminated the unnecessary tension, they had the problem FAR less often.

  • 2 months ago

    Do you really expect strangers to know the answer to that question? Be real.

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