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What would you change about the education system in your country if you could?

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    Everything Everything

  • Zirp
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    I would replace foreign languages and phrase-analysis in elementary-school with one year of Esperanto, and give students in secondary school more foreign languages to choose from - and the choice to not take English

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    I could write books on this. 1. Don't employ the lowest paid workers as teachers. It doesn't give you a good system.

    2. Discipline doesn't mean punishment. It means that students need to take responsibility for their own progress. In the ultimate it means leaving school if you are not progressing so that those who CAN take advantage of the work get a chance to do so.

    3. Stop bickering about it all. There is no clear focus because everyone wants something different. The result is a system that is pulled in all directions and fails at almost everything.

    4. A rewards system that has meaning. At the school awards all the presentations of achievement were for sport. No one congratulated anyone for doing well in any academic endeavor.

    5. In the same way aiming for high retention rates is foolhardy. If everyone completes an education then that education is seen as having no value. You cannot have success without also having failure.

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    The "pass along" policy in public primary and secondary schools makes a high-school diploma worthless. Students who can't read and do arithmetic at (traditional) grade-level standards should repeat grades. Then, even the completion of eighth grade would certify some competence.

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  • Dixon
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    11 months ago

    In the UK, broadly, I would let teachers run schools as they see fit and politicians can stay out of it except at the top level of funding.

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