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Can I bring my modded Nintendo 3DS or Switch to Japan with the new laws in place?

I am going to Japan for two weeks and wanted to bring my CFW (custom Firmware) 3DS and my Switch that only has a custom shell housing, nothing modded software wise just, a new color. With the new law in Japan outlawing console modding and save editing, it makes me worry that airport security or someone is going to be mad and I get in trouble. I was hoping someone who is an expert in Japan's laws know if I am okay if I only bring it for personal use and nothing else. I am not selling or distributing any products or services.


The details on the law as far as I know only talks about distributions, offered services, and key sharing without permission. I just want to be sure.

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  • 10 months ago

    Do you really think the Customs officer who has to check probably dozens of people every day is going to bother checking your 3DS to see if it's been modded?

    I brought multiple game systems with me including a hacked PSP and a 3DS with an R4 when I moved to Japan and I think the only thing they asked me is if I had anything they actually care about, like weapons, drugs, or raw food products.

    These kinds of laws are really more to curb the sale of that kind of stuff. If you were bringing in a system that was very obviously packaged with intent to sell, they MIGHT want to inspect it. If you've just got a bunch of crap in your suitcase along with other personal items they probably won't even bother. If you just look like a regular tourist they'll probably just wave you through as long as your passport and visa (if necessary) are good.

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  • 10 months ago

    you'll probably be arrested if they find out.

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    • Frank10 months agoReport

      Thanks for the reply though. just looking for someone with well-rounded knowledge on this law.

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