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What do you do when you have a failure hr?

I worked at lowes while back and started getting harassed by my assistant managers, supervisor and a variety of department managers. The main manager at the time was on vacation. The hr seldom was in his office but not everyday or always.

By harassment I mean bouncing their hands across their chest, heckling me insulting me, hounding insults in the back of my head, yelling in my head and ear and making noises in my head. They were bad mouthing me to the staff. They claimed that they were harrassing me because 'they liked me'. They would be up in my face yelling in my ear, heckling hounding insults.

The first hr report I filed caused the harrassers to go out to all the employees and talk to them.

So when I came back in the next day I had employees trying to start stuff, employees joining in the harrasment, employees hostile with me and spiteful with me. The harrassers looked at me and said ' It doesn't help if you complain'

What is the hr failing to do?

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    "Making noises in your head" please explain. Yelling in your head...are you hearing voices??

    What is bouncing hands across your chest? What does that mean?

    There is a lot to your story and if you didn't file a second complaint but simply'd have no recourse. Yes, ratting out your co-workers for their behavior does not make you any friends at work...

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