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I would like to get an unbiased opinion on the person who sent me the following message? 10 pts?

This is the message I received from a man I have chatted with for 6 months but never met. He appears to be dumping me and going back to his x wife even though him and I never met...what is your impression of the person who sent me this message? is asshole one of them? will give best answer.

"Something happened that I need to tell you about. Jennifer and I have started talking again since my last email to you. I feel awful for the position this has put you and me in. It wasn't anything planned, it just happened. She has changed greatly since we've been apart. She is not as wrapped up in Christianity as she was before, which is why we split. We had both felt like our paths were headed in different directions. I would still like to meet with you on the 15th as strictly friends, though, if you would still like to. I am so sorry for the nature of this email. I thought - trying to be positive - that maybe we connected so that we could encourage one another spiritually. I know that you have surely encouraged me. I truly hope you find The Celestine Prophecy books as inspiring as I have. I finished The Secret of Shambhala. Like I said, it's my favorite in the series.

I hope you get settled in your mom's well this week, and may you have a wonderful day!


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  • Jill
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    10 months ago
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    How can he dump you when he never met you? He's letting you know that the two of you are not going to happen in the future but he'd like to remain friends. He doesn't sound like an asshole to me.

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  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    You posted this yesterday and I already answered.

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  • 10 months ago

    Ok, hope you get it.

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