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Can I subscribe to HBO for one month then cancel?

Just want to watch Chernobyl only

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    11 months ago
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    I presume that depends on your cable provider. Another option is to do it through Amazon Prime video. They allow you to subscribe to various premium cable channels. Amazon will absolutely let you subscribe for just a single month and then cancel your subscription. If all you want to do is binge watch Chernobyl then you might even be able to do it without pain as the channels will offer you a few days free at the beginning.

  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    As Shay says, it depends upon your cable provider. But you can sign up for one month through Amazon or Hulu without any problem if your cable company has a minimum requirement.

  • 11 months ago

    I'm pretty sure you can

  • Shay
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    11 months ago

    That depends on the policies of your cable or satellite provider that you would be getting the HBO subscription from.

    In most cases, unless you sign up for a special promotional offer that has a set time frame, you can add or remove premium channels from your service anytime you want to.

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