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How are guys supposed to react when they get smacked on the butt??

I've had this happen on multiple occasions where sometimes people whom I'd only just met briefly, for whatever reason, smack my butt in passing or just randomly sometimes. Kinda like how people touch your shoulder when they're trying to make sure your listening to them. My friends do it too sometimes and it annoys me just as much.

I know for girls, unfortunately, this happens a lot by people who are being inappropriate with and it's not acceptable and even considered assault. But for guys, it's kinda confusing bc I dont really get why ppl do it, and even when they do it in passing. The initial reaction is shock, then I have to remind myself that is normal for people to do that sometimes and it's not meant to be something to get upset over. By the time my mind registers and decides the appropriate reaction, the people are usually long gone. Am I the only person who has this issue?

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    I'm a girl so I don't know for sure. My understanding is they are light taps, and usually done more if the guy has sports padding on, if it is public. Although I have seen baseball players tap each other with their gloves, not a bare hand. Light taps. Just being playful. Although sometimes done over normal pants, but that tends to be done privately among guys. If it is a light tap it appears to be ok, and the guy doesn't react much. Maybe moving a bit, but basically not reacting. I think guys have to know each other to do it, especially if it is a bare hand.

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    we don't react. It's not sexual as a reason.

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    Yes, you're the only male who has the issue.

    What would I do the first time? I'd say, "Keep your hands off me." There would be no second smack.

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