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How have embedded computers and the IoT impacted your daily life?

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    7 months ago
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    Very concerned about network security and stability.

    An automated process is only as good as its manual back-up.

    It the LAN, WAN or internet is not available (power outage, network element device failure, something unplugged, malicious hacking, Denial of Service attacks, fire at a data center, equipment failure, incorrect settings accedentally implemented in the network, etc.) what are your plans for "service continuity"? For instance,

    Cloud storage and computing provide a single point of failure. Like

    In one way, IoT helps a LOT - Professionally, I work in tech and the next "Industrial Revolution" is a great place to be employed. Personally, I've implemented a few "solar generators" to support my house during power outages and have limited implementation of IoT devices to a minimum to contain negative impact.

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