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Legal advice - heartbreaking and don't know what to do?

Is it possible for you to be removed from the sex offender registry if you've been registering for 7 years? Let's say you've never committed any other crimes - your record is clean other than that one mistake, your offense is nothing related to rape or child p*rn, you've completed your probation, you update your info annually as you're supposed to and you're a Tier 1 (the lowest level not really deemed a public threat). Does that help?

My main point is I really like this guy a lot. He is amazing, we get along well and he is very attached to me. He treats me great and is always doing sweet little things for me (like literally carrying me to bed and tucking me in if I'm sleepy before him). He is NOT a bad person. I know what happened. I have been there through it all for him. He isn't a danger to society and he would never harm a child.

The only problem is we can't really officially date and be open with things. We are both adults, over 21. The reason we can't be official is because of my family and other public backlash. We've both experienced harassment before due to this. I know if my family met him, there's a high chance SOMEONE would see the registry and find out. Then all hell would break loose to say the least. They are very judgmental people. I would be disowned and he would be deemed a nasty child molester/rapist which is far from true.

I would love for him to be removed from the public registry so we could have a chance at a normal life. Is it possible though?


Did not know this posted twice. Sorry, but thanks for the answers. To the people saying I need "protected" from him - you are insane and know nothing of him or the situation. I do know what happened and I confirmed everything with the police. I knew his probation officer. He was nice and agreed it was a bit ridiculous for him to have to register. He said probation would have been fine enough. I ageee witg the UK's stance on NO public registry to an extent. Some do need go be made known though.

Update 2:

He is not a dangerous person. Never has been. He has not been registered since he was under 14. I have no idea where you thought that was what the case was. It happened when he was an adult. It happened 7 years ago, so he's been registering 7 years now. I was wanting to know if 7 years was long enough or how long WAS long enough to ask for removal from public registration. Our state only makes Tier 3 offenders and those labeled Sexual Predators register for life. Aside from that, you do not...

Update 3:

register for life. Tier 1 is the easiest and lowest-risk (that is what his level is). I've heard they are the most likely to be allowed to be removed from public registration. Tier 2 is a little iffy. I've heard if you're a 2, you may or may not be allowed to be removed early. He has remained a Tier 1 and has never done anything else. He has no desire to and understands the issue that led to this. It was 100% a mistake. It was paid for. He did his probation so I say enough is enough. I will be

Update 4:

looking into this and see which lawyers we have in the area that cna help us here. I can only hope and pray we will be successful. I definitely think his is a worthy case. He is not a bad person by any means and is a good citizen in the area. He works, he has a place to live and is a peaceful neighbor, he doesn't bother people or cause trouble, and he's never committed any other form of crime aside from this. He definitely deserves a chance at a normal life. If we have to wait for the 10 year

Update 5:

marker, fair enough I guess. We've been "hiding out" so to speak for 7 years, so why not go 3 more if it comes down to it? We do want to be together officially, but neither of us want more harassment. He doesn't want to get married for example because then my name would be even more tied to his label since I'd be his wife. He feels ashamed of the title and I've tried my best to be supportive. It was hard being verbally harassed like we were in the past. That's why we just decided to hide our

Update 6:

situation. We want to be together so bad and just live like normal people, but we live in fear. Some people do not know. Others know but are accepting and understand why it is how it is. We appreciate those types. We don't enjoy the judgmental type who make horrible assumptions without even knowing the truth. I do know the truth. He was honest with me. He was afraid to tell me because he thought I'd judge and leave, but I didn't. I confirmed his story and then stayed when it checked out. Then

Update 7:

we discovered how terrible people can be. We experienced first hand the awful rumors people will create. We had personal property damaged (vehicle tires slashed). I was called horrible things for associating with him. That's why we want to hide. We want to hide from the public eye for peace. We prefer to be left alone. We can't live the way we prefer or accomplish our dreams together (marriage, our own family) because of the harsh attitudes of others and their unwillingness to learn the truth.

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    That depends on the state you are in and the actual offense.

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    What if you got him removed and he DID re-offend?

    That’s the Q any judge would have to answer.

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    Not enough information. What country or state are you talking about?

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    The registry exists to protect people from sexual predators, you included. Sexual predators don't seem like mean people at first. They provide comfort to their victims and put them at ease to make people they desire to be able to trust them before they make their move on them, and in some cases the people they know (like their children). It's known as "grooming". And it sounds like he has you right where he wants you. Those others you worry about who wouldn't approve just want to protect you, and for good reason.

    Where I come from, those put on the sex registry are sentenced for a specific amount of time, or for life depending upon the severity of the crime. You might want to investigate what he did and how he was sentenced on your own, rather than trusting what he says occurred and must do.

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    Legal advice would be down to specific country, so on a worldwide Q&A forum, my only advice is for him to go and pay and get local professional legal advice

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    Each US State and Indian Tribe maintains its own database with the Federal site only compiling information. The data details and removal by date, if any, is per the particular state. Of course, a court order can get it removed as well. Find the state where convicted, find the records registration official, and ask them.

    If you don't know the state, find the record. It should be on it.

    unfortunate update

    SORNA specifies the minimum required duration of sex offender registration for tier I sex offenders to be 15 years, for tier II sex offenders to be 25 years, and for tier III sex offenders to register for life. The registration period begins to run upon release from custody for a sex offender sentenced to incarceration for the registration offense, or in the case of non-incarcerated sex offenders, at the time of sentencing for the sex offense.

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    So he has been registering from the time he was under 14? Yeah I can understand the backlash. Getting put on the list THAT young isn't going to happen normally. However you claim you know what happened so whatever. Since we have no idea where you are we have no idea if he can ever be released.

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    I am sure there is a way, but thank God you don't know it nor would I tell you if I did. Ask his victim if he should be removed from the registry, or did you forget that there was a victim.

    In my state a sex offender is not eligible to even be considered for removal until they are on the list for 10 years. But ask his victim if he should ever be removed.

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    In the

    UK there is no register available to the public. And no it is not removed.

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    I think that this is a state or local issue, but I think that in most states, you stay on the sex offender list for the rest of your life.

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