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Travis asked in Social ScienceSociology · 9 months ago

What causes someone to be "underrated" despite being insanely talented?

For example, they are a ton of people who fly under the radar for whatever reason, who are extremely talented at what the day, and possibly even world class, yet don't receive even close to the same attention as someone who is mediocre.


At what they do*

Update 2:

For example, a quarterback who consatntly thows for 300+ yards, many touchdowns, and low interceptions, yet the media never talks about him. Or the guitarist or singer who is world class level talent, but still plays at small town bars and has no fans on social media, yet his talent rivals that of the top famous singers or bands

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago
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    Most public attention comes from promotion and marketing. It has nothing to do with talent. If you don't market yourself (a thing a lot of talented people hate to do), you'll get skipped over.

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  • I guess the mediocre one is better at promotion. Also jealousy is possibly stronger than any other feeling towards them.

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