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I was watching a documentary on Afghanistan & India, etc. & saw them driving vehicles that are like 40 years old at least. how is possible?

I have been watching documentaries on third world countries in places like Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Iran, etc. and saw they are STILL driving trucks, buses an cars from the 1970s? 80s? and I was just wondering how many MILES those things have to have on their engines and how they are able to keep the running still in nearly 2020 now? plus how they are able to get all the "stuff" that we have to keep them like new?

why don't you see Americans driving vehicles still from the 1970s , 80s much? they all have the latest clear coated shiny latest models ...but why? maybe they could have driven their last vehicles for 40 plus years too? (especially if they have JAPANESE engines and transmissions?)?

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    Cubans are still driving American cars from the 1950s, before the revolution. Any motor can be kept going simply by rebuilding it when it wears down. People learn how to make parts they can't get. Plenty of parts still around for 1970s and 1980s cars and trucks.

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    If all you've got is something 40 years old and there is no prospect of getting something newer you soon learn to keep the old clunker running. Plus the older a vehicle is the simpler it usually is and more amenable to being fixed with a large hammer, some spanners and a bit of roadside welding. And elderly diesels usually go on for intergalactic mileages, even if rattling and smoking like a train.

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    in asia most vehicles are not as old as they look india the most common vehicle seems to be the AMBASSADOR taxi ..this car was a uk car called the MORRIS OXFORD ..made in late 50`s and early 60`s ..when it was replaced in uk they had no use for machinery that made it sold it ..i think to TATA indian car maker ..up to circa 5 years they still made it ...similar to FIAT 124 SALOON

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