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Kyle asked in SportsFantasy Sports · 1 year ago

Who should I pick up in my dad's fantasy league?

for his QBs, he has winston and mayfield. i would like to think mayfield will have a better season than winston, but both today are playing terrible.

some notable qbs not picked up are manning, dalton, stafford, keenum, and mariota.

who should i drop and pick up?

he doesn't have a great team, as he picked towards the bottom of his 14 team league.

qb winston tb

rb mixon cin

rb frank gore buf

wr allen robinson chi

wr josh gordon NE

te hooper (atl)

flx marvin jones det

d/st - titans

k - gould - SF


qb - mayfield cle

te - ebron ind

rb - edmonds ari

d/st - panthers

wr - patterson - chi

rb - davis - chi

rb - yeldon - buf

te - brate - TB

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  • 1 year ago
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    Are you saying you're managing your dad's team? If so, I'd definitely switch out Winston. He's a guru favorite every year and it never pans out. This was an easy home matchup, and he crapped the bed. Stafford makes a good tandem with Mayfield, who should bounce back.

    However, before you worry about this, go into the team and go to "add player".. Look to add an RB and then a WR. Sort the stats by Week One scores and consider picking up anyone who had a good showing. Other than Mayfield, anyone on your bench can be dropped.

    Also, just so you know, yes your dad has a bad team, but that has nothing to do with where he drafted. He had pick 13 overall and then pick 16 when it snaked back. He blew both those picks, because there's nobody on his roster who should have been picked that high. He also has 3 TEs, which makes no sense at all. (Just telling you this since I gather you're trying to learn this stuff, lol).

  • 1 year ago

    It's too early to panic. Stafford and Mariota are the best of the available QBs and they're not that great. Stick with the two you have for now.

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