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I was watching a documentary on Afghanistan & India, etc. & saw them driving vehicles that are like 40 years old at least. how is possible?

I have been watching documentaries on third world countries in places like Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Iran, etc. and saw they are STILL driving trucks, buses an cars from the 1970s? 80s? and I was just wondering how many MILES those things have to have on their engines and how they are able to keep the running still in nearly 2020 now? plus how they are able to get all the "stuff" that we have to keep them like new?

why don't you see Americans driving vehicles still from the 1970s , 80s much? they all have the latest clear coated shiny latest models ...but why? maybe they could have driven their last vehicles for 40 plus years too? (especially if they have JAPANESE engines and transmissions?)?

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    Rubbish. 3rd worlders make do, don't crush everything as soon as it's 5 years old.

    I and Many I know have older cars: '66 Buick, '57 Chevy "Apache" we drive Every Day. Covairs, Citations, '86 Tercel. I can still get all internal motor parts very easily for the Citation and Tercel. It's mostly chassis, interior parts that get to be a hassle. I weld and file back, use vinyl cement and thread..

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      "chassis" is that like the frame? you mean you just need to get a welder to patch up any rusted areas, rebuild some metal in some areas? how expensive?

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    Most any vehicle will go for years and years if it is maintained and not abused or neglected. Some parts might be difficult to purchase, but if there is a demand, people will find a way to create them

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      "years & years"....could you clarify that?

  • My favorite vehicle around here next to my neighbors 1966 VW-based bush buggy is my own early 1950s Ford pickup.

    It has been rebuilt and/or resurrected many times over the decades. The original frame broke ages ago and was replaced with one from a donor truck behind the barn. And the engine was sourced out of a Surplus WWII warehouse find. It's not hard to keep these older vehicles running, and they are a lot cheaper to repair.

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      in fact I think after just 30 years it would need to be mended by a welder in places. but nothing serious. where do you live in like Alaska?

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    because Americans are much more materialistic and use vehicles as "Status trophies"...showing they are "Better than you". etc.

    really, most people could go 40 years or so with a vehicle if they HAD TO. (and didn't do things like run the engine without oil, etc). but they would rather impress their "Friends" and neighbors of how "rich" or successful financially that they are.

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      that made about as much sense as _______. I don't know. could rewrite that?

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