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What does Donald Trump have to do to get a rise out of Senate Republicans? Stealing tax dollars for his personal gain doesn't phase them.?

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    According to several reports, Trump's and his family's trips in the first month of his presidency cost the US taxpayers nearly as much as former president Obama's travel expenses for an entire year. When Obama was president, Trump frequently criticized him for taking vacations which were paid for with public funds. The Washington Post reported that Trump's, atypically lavish lifestyle is far more expensive to the taxpayers than what was typical of former presidents and could end up in the hundreds of millions of dollars over the whole of Trump's term.

    A June 2019 analysis by the Washington Post found that federal officials and GOP campaigns had spent at least $1.6 million at businesses owned by Trump during his presidency. This was an undercount, as most of the data on spending by government officials covered only the first few months of Trump's presidency.

    Donald Trump promised to drain the Washington swamp. Instead, he has surrounded himself with family members, appointees and advisers who’ve been accused of conflicts of interest, misuse of public funds, influence peddling, self-enrichment, working for foreign governments, failure to disclose information, and violating ethics rules, Some are under investigation, or facing lawsuits, others have resigned, and five have either been convicted or pleaded guilty, including three for lying to government officials, Scandals plague all administrations, but Trump’s is only two years old and the allegations keep on coming.

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    Empty accusation with no substance.

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    Nice lie. He isn't even taking the salary of

    President like all previous president did.

    That is over $400,000.00. So self enrichment

    Is mostly a democrat and RINO problem. Ok?

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    11 months ago

    Cool story, Bro.... Now tell us how obongo became a multi-millionaire on a 400k salary... and why he bought a house on the waterfront if he thinks the seas are going to rise 20 feet next year.

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    You seem very triggered, tell us more perhaps we can at least keep you from violence...

  • 11 months ago

    Do you know where Obama got 14 million for his house on the cape? I guess he wants to be the first to see the Polar ice caps melt. Democrat voters are so stupid.

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    No...your fantasy really doesn't bother anyone.

  • Mike
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    11 months ago

    Like Obama stole from Medicare so He could pocket that

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